The Web Client Notification Flag feature, previously beta tested with support for Administrator IDs only, has been released for all group users (Web Client only). If email notification is ON for Customer Upload for a particular user, the new indicator will also alert that user graphically:

Clicking on the white flag will drop down a lost of Customer Upload notifications, and clicking on a particular notification will directly open the folder where the new file(s) are located.

For more information see the FAQ.

We also recently added a new feature for Customer Upload — individual links for individual users in your group account. This can give individual employees their own unique link to send to customers, with the resulting subfolders and files created by the Customer Upload process delivered, along with notification, to that employee’s private folder.

If you are interested in exploring how to leverage this new feature email support for a consultation.


UPDATE 9:57 PM Eastern: the Network Operations Center has resolved the problem. All functionality for all users and all servers should now be returned to normal. Thank you for your patience. Be assured we will be reviewing the technical details behind the issue and how our networking partner can avoid it in the future. IF YOU ARE STILL EXPERIENCING ANY ISSUE CONTACT [email protected]


UPDATE 5:38 PM Eastern: The Network Operations Center informed us that they will be taking some networking equipment offline at approximately 9:00 PM Eastern for approximately 10 minutes. They hope to resolve the issue.

Update 6:30 PM Eastern - The Desktop App has been re-routed as well and will work as soon as the DNS changes work through the Internet.   We’re working on re-routing Webfolders traffic now.

Update 7:00 PM Eastern – the webfolders servers and sdk batch transfers have now been rerouted as well and will work as soon as the DNS changes work through the Internet. That means if your DNS is up to date all services should work.

There’s a network connection problem for some users on some parts of the internet. For most it’s just fine. It’s not our servers and it’s not your local internet connection.

We  engineered a temporary solution that “reroutes” internet traffic for our web browser clients (both old and new versions).  This change went into effect around 4:30 ET today.  

That means you can log in at

Those users located on the parts of the internet experiencing the problem will still not be able to use webfolders and automated sdk uploads. 

You may benefit from emptying your browser’s history (cache).

This workaround required a global dns change and those changes may not have reached your computer yet (but they eventually will).

We hope this will allow those customers experiencing problems to be able to upload and download files while the network problem is addressed.

Please let us know if you experience any problems trying to access your account through the website.

We’ll update you when we have a resolution. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

My Docs Online Support


The recent internet security vulnerability known as “Heartbleed” did not, and does not, involve My Docs Online.  Many secure sites on the internet are recommending users change their passwords, even after those sites have ‘patched’ the vulnerability.

There is no need to do that at My Docs Online. We don’t use, and never have used, the versions of OpenSSL involved.

Haven’t heard of Heartbleed? Other sites you use may be compromised. You can learn more here.